PFI actively participates in industry organizations and has been recognized with various awards and certifications.

PFI actively participates in the Mortgage Bankers Association and American Bankers Association. PFI also participates in servicing forums and collaborates with servicing platform providers to derive mutual business solutions for clients.

Call Center of Excellence Award

For eight consecutive years (2011-2018), PFI earned the Center of Excellence certification for call center services from BenchmarkPortal, an industry leader in call center benchmarking worldwide, in collaboration with the Center for Customer-Driven Quality, founded at Purdue University. The Center of Excellence recognition is one of the most prestigious certifications in the service and support industry and is awarded to customer service call centers that rank in the top ten percent of the call centers surveyed. They are judged against a balanced scorecard of metrics for efficiency and effectiveness. Those contact centers demonstrating superior performance based on both cost and quality-related metrics compared with their industry peers earn the award. During 2016, PFI placed 3rd in BenchmarkPortal’s “Top 100″ Call Center Award. Receiving this designation is a testament to PFI’s management and employee dedication to balancing effectiveness and efficiency in operations resulting in exception call center service for PFI’s clients and their borrowers. Learn More…
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