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Proctor will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to physical and mental limitations of applicants and teammates with disabilities or who are disabled veterans unless it can demonstrate that the accommodations would impose an undue hardship on the operation of business. Such reasonable accommodations are implemented in the company’s electronic and/or online application systems. The company ensures that qualified applicants and teammates with disabilities, who are unable to fully utilize the system, are provided equal opportunities to apply and be considered for all jobs. Proctor ensures that potential applicants with disabilities either can use Proctor’s online system or can submit an application in a timely manner through alternative means. This includes contacting Proctor, other than through the online system, to request any reasonable accommodation needed to provide the applicant with a disability an equal opportunity to apply and be considered for jobs at Proctor. Proctor will confidentially review performance issues of teammates with known disabilities to determine whether a reasonable accommodation is needed when: 1) the teammate is having significant difficulty with job performance, and 2) it is reasonable to conclude that the problem is related to the known disability.

Teammates may also contact the Team Resources Department at any time to formally request an accommodation @ 248-269-5700.