KwikRisk Resources

What is KwikRisk®?

KwikRisk is designed to insure properties where loan values exceed a lender’s Mortgage Guard® or REO Guard® limit. KwikRisk also provides lender-placed coverage for properties not qualifying through the minimum requirements of a Mortgage Guard or REO Guard policy.

In addition, KwikRisk can be used to cover non-financial entities and non-real estate collateral such as contractor’s equipment, machinery and business personal property. KwikRisk is designed for properties needing coverage in the Excess & Surplus Lines insurance market.

How KwikRisk benefits a financial institution

  • Coverage for vacant residential and commercial buildings, buildings undergoing repairs, strip malls, warehouse, new construction, 1 to 4 family dwellings and other qualified properties
  • Policy can include: Terms of 3, 6 and 12 months; Insured limits up to $10,000,000; and $1,000,000 limit on frame construction
  • Liability can include: Commercial General Liability (CGL) for mercantile, habitation and contractors; vacant buildings; vacant land up to 500 acres; Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL); and other options

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