Mortgage Guard Resources

What is Mortgage Guard®?

Mortgage Guard consists of the Proctor Financial master policy for lender placed hazard and liability insurance for residential and commercial properties. When a person fails to make insurance payments, a lender must acquire insurance for the property to protect the lender´s interest in that property. This process has been defined as lender placed insurance (also called “forced placed” insurance within the industry). PFI´s Mortgage Guard product provides a flexible, affordable option to ensure a comprehensive coverage solution. Bundle Mortgage Guard with Bridge60® (flood) and optional premises liability for a complete coverage solution.

How Mortgage Guard benefits a financial institution

  • Lender named as insured to provide instant binding authority
  • Standard all-risk (including wind) for residential/mobile home properties
  • Named perils for commercial properties; all risk may be available
  • Optional coverages available as needed
  • Customized billing options
  • Outsourcing and insurance tracking services through “The Proctor Ensemble

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