Portfolio Guard Resources

What is Portfolio Guard®?

Portfolio Guard provides comprehensive all-risk portfolio protection for residential and commercial first mortgages, second mortgages, home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) and individual condominium loans. This blanket insurance coverage allows lenders to get maximum coverage without requiring any insurance tracking or borrower follow-up on individual properties.

How Portfolio Guard benefits a financial institution

  • No Administration – eliminates individual loan tracking and insurance follow-up
  • All-Risk coverage on commercial and residential properties (excluding Flood and Quake)
  • One annual premium based on portfolio size, lending activity and geographic spread
  • Policy responds if uninsured physical damage occurs to a mortgaged property

PFI also has a residential only hazard blanket insurance coverage product called EquiShield®. For first mortgages, commercial and REO properties, Proctor Financial offers lender-placed hazard (Mortgage Guard®) and flood (Bridge60®), and REO hazard (REO Guard®) insurance products on a reporting form basis.

For more information, contact PFI at 800.521.6800 or e-mail us.