KwikRisk Provides Lender Placed Insurance Coverage for Special Needs, High Value Properties

Sometimes, traditional lender placed hazard and liability insurance products will not fit the lender´s needs for coverage, which could range from the type of property to covering equipment and machinery at the location.

Proctor Financial, Inc. developed the KwikRisk® lender placed insurance program to insure hard-to-place or high value residential or commercial properties where the loan value exceeds a lender´s Mortgage Guard or REO Guard limit – or for specialized property needs which are not eligible for PFI´s Mortgage Guard program.

KwikRisk covers properties including residential and commercial buildings, buildings undergoing repairs/improvements, strip malls, office buildings, warehouse, new construction, renovations, 1 to 4 family dwellings and other qualified properties.

Designed for the Excess & Surplus Lines insurance market, this flexible lender placed insurance product also provides coverage for non-financial entities and non-real estate collateral such as contractor´s equipment, machinery and business personal property.

To learn more about PFI´s innovative KwikRisk program or to download an application, please visit PFI´s KwikRisk page or send us an e-mail.

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