What is IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager®?

PFI´s proprietary software solution, IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager, serves as an e-Client portal to view insurance tracking information and documents, generate customized date range and management reports and stay informed on government regulations through a secure, user-friendly single login.

This innovative software also gives clients the ability to view the following information at the loan level (residential) or collateral level (commercial):

  • Insurance and lender-placed information
  • Borrower correspondence and Evidence of Insurance
  • Lender-Placed insurance transactions including refunds and billings
  • Claims management
  • Call monitoring for quality control

How IIM insurance tracking benefits a financial institution

  • 24/7 access to borrower insurance information through PFI´s secure website
  • Flexibility to generate customized, date range reports for vendor management
  • Efficient resource to track outsourcing services

IIM Resources

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