What is InForcer®?

InForcer consists of a robust web-based insurance tracking and lender-placed reporting system utilized to automate the lender-placed process for PFI´s Mortgage Guard® (hazard) and Bridge60® (flood) insurance products through a secure, user-friendly single login. InForcer allows users to generate borrower notifications, track homeowner policies and bind properties.

Some of InForcer´s features include:

  • Tracking homeowner policies expiration dates
  • Immediate binding of properties
  • Online premium calculator for quotes and refunds
  • Ability to generate client-branded borrower notifications
  • Real-time billing and departmental invoicing capabilities

How InForcer benefits a financial institution

  • Ability to bind lender-placed properties 24/7 through PFI´s secure web portal
  • Instant access to loan and transaction history
  • Built-in Quality Control measures to minimize potential input errors
  • Documents phone calls/correspondence from the borrower – provides audit trail for loan changes
  • Set specific user rights for data entry, administrative or management
  • Self-contained insourcing system for insurance tracking department functions

InForcer Resources

For more information, contact PFI at 800.521.6800 or e-mail us.