What are Sale Date Inspections?

PFI has bundled our REO Guard® insurance product with Sale Date Inspections (SDI) to assist owners in determining condition of property at time of ownership. Proctor Financial, Inc., has partnered with National Vendor Management Services (NVMS) to provide this mortgage inspection service to lenders to protect their REO assets.

NVMS, Inc. is a national company offering a full range of inspection services for the Mortgage, Banking, Commercial and Residential Property, Construction and Insurance Industries. With more than 37 years of industry experience and over 22,500 highly trained and professionally certified inspectors and field reps across the United States, NVMS can insure all of your mortgage inspection needs are performed with precision.

Sale Date Inspections:

  • Residential property inspections include a general assessment of a property and an evaluation of its current condition. The inspection is a visual examination of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, built-in appliances and essential internal and external structural components of a residential dwelling. The inspector will seek to identify all pertinent defects exposed to their view and readily apparent on the day of the inspection. This inspection assists the client in evaluating the overall condition of the dwelling according to the Standards and Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).
  • Mobile home inspections are performed for lending institutions that have foreclosed on a particular property and require a report of the current condition of the mobile home. This inspection includes a comprehensive report of the current condition of the home including the exterior and under carriage. We include photos of subject property and any damage that may have been discovered during the inspection.
  • Sale Date Inspections must be ordered at least five days before the sale date.

Sale Date Inspection Resources

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