For clients who choose to utilize full outsourcing services, PFI has a quality control function to listen to borrower phone calls called uListen® which is accessed through IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager®.

uListen allows PFI’s outsourcing clients to download and listen to actual insurance call center  phone calls received through PFI’s Borrower Care Center.

You can click here to login into IIM® and access uListen.

PFI also offers the flexibility of listening to insurance call center client phone calls by loan number through IIM®, where you can click on the recorded calls for each loan number and play it through Windows Media Player. Each recorded call is saved in an individual .wav file to allow for easy review through your computer 24/7. Through PFI’s secure site, uListen provides a Quality Control measure for PFI’s clients to verify phone calls and information shared during a conversation with PFI’s dedicated outsourcing representatives.

Some of the services available through uListen include:

  • Simple, fast cross-referenced search abilities by loan number or date range
  • Results include loan number, total time, borrower name, date and time, and caller ID
  • Sort results by borrower name, date or loan number
  • Save recorded calls to your computer
  • Convenient standard login through IIM®

For more information, contact PFI at 800.521.6800 or e-mail us.