What is ValueNOW?

Accessible through a secure login, ValueNOW´s online property valuation tool assists lenders and investors in determining replacement cost for insurance placement. By entering only a few pieces of information, ValueNOW delivers real-time integration with your choice of up to three national providers of public record data to produce comprehensive residential and commercial property valuation reports.

Some of ValueNOW´s features include:

  • Establish instant online property valuation for insurance coverage amount with minimum data input
  • Validate the property´s data through photos and measurement tools
  • Advanced GeoCoding provides quick/accurate identification of property

How ValueNOW benefits a financial institution

  • Instant comprehensive online property valuation reports for residential and commercial properties
  • Low cost per online property valuation and no charge for unsuccessful valuations
  • Less reliance on market value or outstanding loan balance to establish insurance coverage amount
  • Available 24/7 through PFI´s secure website
  • Establishes replacement cost value to protect your assets in the event of a total loss

ValueNOW Resources

For more information, contact PFI at 800.521.6800 or e-mail us.