PFI’s proprietary software applications and technology solutions are designed to reduce administration and increase efficiency for servicers.

Working collaboratively with partners, optimal workflow processes and applications are recommended to meet the compliant business objectives of each client.

Hazard Insurance TrackingHazard Insurance Tracking

PFI’s hazard tracking services include document imaging services, insurance tracking, escrow disbursements, Borrower Care Center, loss draft processing, lender-placed administration and Client Portal for vendor management and reports. IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager, PFI’s proprietary hazard tracking system, was designed to perform residential and commercial tracking including cross-collateralization, multiple insurance lines and deficiency tracking according to customized business rules established with clients.

iimIIM – Intelligent Insurance Manager

IIM is PFI’s proprietary client portal, configurable for both hazard tracking and lender-placed only clients. With this client portal, users can monitor recorded borrower phone calls for quality assurance, access borrower insurance information and correspondence, check claim status, generate standard reports, and utilize vendor management tools.


PFI’s proprietary insourcing solution, InForcer, is designed for servicers who track preferred policy information on their servicing platform and are seeking a robust system for lender-placed borrower notifications, automated lender-placement, edit billing functions, and premium calculations.

Internet ReportingInternet Reporting & File Exchanges

Internet Reporting automates the additions and terminations of lender-placed hazard and flood properties through a secure online portal.
If applicable, PFI utilizes file exchanges between the servicer’s platform and PFI’s lender-placed system to reduce administration and streamline the process.