As a stable, experienced provider of lender-placed insurance solutions to more than 1,600 lenders nationwide, Proctor Financial, Inc. has the experience, capability and financial stability to provide superior insurance and outsourcing risk-management programs customized to clients´ needs and business goals.

The Proctor Ensemble is designed to offer clients new options to improve efficiency, reduce tracking insurance workloads and enhance borrower relationships today and in the future. PFI´s robust IIM-Intelligent Insurance Manager® system combines PFI´s imaging services, insurance tracking and a borrower care center into an efficient workflow. This solution combines technology with a human touch, so the partnership will represent the highest level of customer service to your borrowers.

By aligning your company with PFI, your customers are treated with the same professionalism, courtesy and turnaround time at a significantly lower cost than full-time employees, which allows you to allocate internal resources toward other fiscal needs without a drop off in servicing.

For more information, contact PFI at 800.521.6800 or e-mail us.